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T.G.I.F ~ Highlight of Festivities

The fall festival season is here!  Enjoy some of our festive findings going on this weekend:



Opening Weekend SEPTEMBER 29th – Food served from 2 – 9 pm, Music by the Alex Meixner Band  from 3 – 10 pm, Performances by GTV Edelweiss Schuhplattlers at 2, 4:30, and 7 pm, Parade of the Pig at 3:15 pm, Women’s Cleevagheevin at 2:30 pm, finals at 5 pm, Children’s Alpen horn blowing contest at 4 pm. SEPTEMBER 30th – Food served from 1- 5 pm, Music by Walt Groller from 2 – 6 pm Men’s Cleevagheevin at 2 pm, finals at 3:30 pm.

The First Four SUNDAYS in OCTOBER gates open at noon, music from 2 to 6, and food available from 1 – 5 pm.

General admission  tickets $8 – Children under 11 free. Tickets are available at the gate.

Special Value Packages: $19.00 (Admission +3 drink tickets)     $27.00 (Admission, 3 drink tickets + mug)     $34.00 (Admission, 3 drink tickets, mug + Platter)

Celebrate German traditions right here in PA Dutch country. The Stoudt family is proud to carry on their heritage in the Gemutlichkeit Bier Garden. A fun-filled family event held every Sunday in October,featuring live German music, dancing, and authentic German food. Gates opens at noon.


Fall Fun and Moonlit Maze

September 28th, 2012 to October 27th, 2012 11:00 am to 4:00 pm 

The Market at Del Val- 2100 Lower State Rd Doylestown, PA (Bucks County)

Details: Celebrate the Autumn Harvest! Wagon rides, pick-your-own pumpkins (sold by the lb.), mazes, inflatable attractions, and more! Admission is FREE.

And Bring your flashlight for some spooky fun in our Moonlit Corn Maze from 6:00pm until 9:30pm! Bonfires, wagon rides, and more!


Merrymead Farm (Lansdale) Lighting of the Great Pumpkin – Friday September 28th 6:45 PM Music, 7:30 PM Storytelling

Merrymead’s variety of pumpkins, squash, and gourds will delight the avid fall decorator! They have everything you need to decorate your home or office! For starters, they offer a huge variety of carving pumpkins, pie pumpkins, gourds, winter squash, straw bales, Indian corn, broom corn, and cornstalks! Stop in for local apples of all varieties and their very own cold crisp pasteurized Apple Cider!! They carry Courtland, McIntosh, Red & Golden Delicious, Gala, Jonathon, Winesap, and more!! Merrymead also makes their own famous Apple Cider Donuts! This Farm has literally everything to celebrate the arrival of Fall.


Welcome Guest Blogger – Phoebe Canakis

This week we are excited to welcome Guest Blogger Phoebe Canakis to the Bradway Blog. Join Phoebe in learning about the beautiful simplicity of whole foods that nourish the body and soul.

I may have a business creating culinary, whole food delights for weekly delivery and intimate events but like most of us, I struggle finding time to get a great meal on the table.

Here we will talk a few quick tips for making meal time a breeze. You’ll spend less time at the grocery store and over paying for boxed & prepared foods.

There is one ground rule I’m going to lay down… don’t sweat it. It’s all good. I’m all about whole foods (unprocessed foods NOT from a box or bag that only requires hot water or a spin in the microwave). The ground rule…cut out some processed foods or “the whites” from your pantry. Start to substitute whole grain flour for white flour, replace white pasta with whole grain pasta, and experiment with less processed sugars.

In a recent article, Healthy Eating Can Cost Less, the author shared “an Agriculture Department study released Wednesday found that most fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods cost less than foods high in fat, sugar and salt.”

Here is the link to the article

To start cutting the processed food out you’ll need to clean out your shelves. The details, to you get started, are here. Get rid of expired foods and items that you know you want to eat less of. Don’t stop at the pantry shelves make sure to raid your spice rack too.

Take a look at the freezer. Instead of filling the fridge with pricey, processed foods you can fill it with meat or veggies that you find on sale. Did you know that you can freeze beans (not canned beans but dried beans that you reconstitute)? Even rice and grains freeze well and are super handy in a pinch. Pound per pound you will save money too.

Now that there is room for what’s coming in, check out this list of pantry staples that will save you time & money in the kitchen. Keeping dried beans, whole grain rice’s, whole wheat pasta means you always have a cost-effective, creative food palette to run to in a pinch and if you make more than you need freeze it for a convenience item.

When your fridge and freezer are stocked with fresh/frozen veggies or meats that you pick up on sale, and limited dairy items creating a meal will be a synch. You can put nearly anything on a salad, soups make a great meal, have breakfast for dinner, make an easy side of rice or beans, casseroles can be your friend, and crock pots are back in vogue.

When you stop buying boxed foods you will find yourself speeding through the store skipping all the interior aisles, saving time and money.

A great book to demystify the grocery store and help you make better food choices is by nutrition expert Marion Neslte, What to Eat. Keep an eye on my blog, Pinterest and Facebook page for great recipes and food tips!


Phoebe Canakis

Inspired by food in its most natural of states, Phoebe Canakis stirred to life her on-the-go venture, Phoebe’s Pure Foods, with the idea of bringing loving-you-back nosh to rushed-types in the form of weekly delivered lunches and catering, too.

The daily kitchen attention paid well in her family through a partly Greek upbringing prepared Phoebe to appreciate the whimsical way of taking time in whipping together the most flavorful and palate-pleasing yet healthily handled whole foods.

In a former career before she dived into the food persuasion, Phoebe hurried around, struggling to eat well-balanced meals, often skipping lunches and coming home from work too late to have life-minutes for cooking much before catching her zzz’s.

But whenever Phoebe found a chance to entertain for friends, she always found a soul-nourishing feeling in providing platefuls of delicious, eye-rich bite after bite to those she loved.

Today, her pro-food focus has evolved into an expression of the joy she knits into each individual meal she makes through Phoebe’s Pure Foods, with local, fresh, and often organic eats weaved into all of her efforts.

Keep your eyes peeled for Phoebe’s weekly menu musts and food-sly tips and tidbits.

Over the hump Wednesday-Embracing Your Small Business Obstacles

Life is full of obstacles, and small business is no different. When you first start your business, you face the question of whether or not this idea you’ve dreamed up will actually make you money. Then you face clients who pay late and jeopardize you paying your own staff and vendors on time. The list goes on, but the truth is: the best thing you can do is embrace those obstacles and move on.

I personally have had my fair share of obstacles, both in my professional life and in my personal life. I had a rough childhood, with no direction or sense of self-worth. But if I had let those obstacles define me, I wouldn’t be the strong, motivated person writing this blog post! Instead, I took those obstacles as challenges and life lessons, and used them to become a better wife, mother and business owner.

Admission is the First Step Rather than moaning over those challenges you face in your business, or burying them under the rug, take a different approach and face them head on. Admitting you have obstacles is the first step in moving them out of your way.

It’s easy, if you let your obstacles remain unchecked, for them to grow from that proverbial molehill into a mountain, but realize that you control how big you let this obstacle get. If you address it head on, it won’t be as big as it could get otherwise.

Of course, simply facing your issue won’t get the bills paid, your products manufactured or otherwise miraculously solve whatever problem you’ve got. Do what you can to resolve the issue. Reach out to others who can help. But conserve your energy. Know that you can only do so much in this situation, and take it one day at a time. It can be difficult not to let the thought of the obstacle consume every minute of your life, but keep things in perspective. At least you’ve got your health/family/home to be grateful for.

Find a Shoulder to Cry On Even if taking a cheery attitude won’t solve your problem, you might feel better to unload on someone else. That someone might be your spouse (then again, it might not be), a work colleague, or a mentor. Heck, even a therapist might give you some perspective.

The point of getting your problem off your chest isn’t necessarily to find a solution (though bouncing ideas off of others can help fire up your creative juices, which might lead you to an unexpected idea for getting over the hump). It’s to get the stress out of your head and out in the open. Always a good idea.

Change Course The key to getting over the bumps in your way is to be reactive and proactive. Shift your course away from danger and keep forging ahead. You’ll get through it. I promise!

And There WILL Be Obstacles To be a successful business owner, you have to have the stomach to experience failure and the pains that come with running a business. I’ve failed many times, and, I’m sure, have many failures yet to come. But there’s no getting around having obstacles and failure in life, let alone in small business. Stand up, square your shoulders, and accept what’s coming, good or bad. Learn from the mistakes, then don’t look back.


Motivational Monday- Increase Motivation

If you want to make things happen the ability to motivate yourself and others is a crucial skill. At work, home, and everywhere in between, people use motivation to get results. Motivation requires a delicate balance of communication, structure, and incentives.

These 21 tactics will help you maximize motivation in yourself and others.

1. Consequences – Never use threats. They’ll turn people against you. But making people aware of the negative consequences of not getting results (for everyone involved) can have a big impact. This one is also big for self motivation. If you don’t get your act together, will you ever get what you want?

2. Pleasure – This is the old carrot on a stick technique. Providing pleasurable rewards creates eager and productive people.

3. Performance incentives – Appeal to people’s selfish nature. Give them the opportunity to earn more for themselves by earning more for you.

4. Detailed instructions – If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. People work better when they know exactly what’s expected.

5. Short and long term goals – Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy.

6. Kindness – Get people on your side and they’ll want to help you. Piss them off and they’ll do everything they can to screw you over.

7. Deadlines – Many people are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. Use this to your advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result.

8. Team Spirit
– Create an environment of camaraderie. People work more effectively when they feel like part of team — they don’t want to let others down.

10. Recognize achievement – Make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isn’t being ignored.

11. Personal stake – Think about the personal stake of others. What do they need? By understanding this you’ll be able to keep people happy and productive.

12. Concentrate on outcomes – No one likes to work with someone standing over their shoulder. Focus on outcomes — make it clear what you want and cut people loose to get it done on their own.

13. Trust and Respect – Give people the trust and respect they deserve and they’ll respond to requests much more favorably.

14. Create challenges – People are happy when they’re progressing towards a goal. Give them the opportunity to face new and difficult problems and they’ll be more enthusiastic.

15. Let people be creative – Don’t expect everyone to do things your way. Allowing people to be creative creates a more optimistic environment and can lead to awesome new ideas.

16. Constructive criticism
– Often people don’t realize what they’re doing wrong. Let them know. Most people want to improve and will make an effort once they know how to do it.

17. Demand improvement – Don’t let people stagnate. Each time someone advances raise the bar a little higher (especially for yourself).

18. Make it fun – Work is most enjoyable when it doesn’t feel like work at all. Let people have fun and the positive environment will lead to better results.

19. Create opportunities – Give people the opportunity to advance. Let them know that hard work will pay off.

20. Communication
– Keep the communication channels open. By being aware of potential problems you can fix them before a serious dispute arises.

21. Make it stimulating – Mix it up. Don’t ask people to do the same boring tasks all the time. A stimulating environment creates enthusiasm and the opportunity for “big picture” thinking.

Master these key points and you’ll increase motivation with a bit of hard work.

T.G.I.F. ~ Let’s FALL into the Weekend

Center City Philadelphia Restaurant Week

Over 100 restaurants offering three course meals from $20-35  September 23 – 28 and September 30 – October 5, 2012

The Experience

Enjoy a delicious, multiple-course meal for just $20-35* during Center City District Restaurant Week, which returns September 23 – 28 and September 30 – October 5, 2012.

More than 100 of Center City’s finest restaurants are offering indulgent prix fixe menus that are both delectable and easy on the wallet with three-course dinners for only $35 per person. Over 50 participating restaurants will also be offering a three-course lunch option for $20 per person

From steak to seafood, Italian to Japanese, the choices are vast — several of Philadelphia’s popular BYOBs are even joining the action. Just be sure to make your reservation soon. In fact, make your reservation ASAP as Restaurant Week reservations fill up extremely quickly.

Center City District Restaurant Week is organized by Center City District and is presented by TD Bank.

*(Does not include tax, gratuity or alcohol).

Participating Restaurants

The event spotlights Philadelphia’s most revered restaurants, including posh Restaurant Row stalwarts like Alma de Cuba, hotspots like Garces Trading Company and Barbuzzo, exemplary BYOBs like Lolita and Mercato, and special-occasion restaurants like Table 31 and Amada.

Be sure to check out the lunch and dinner menus at top restaurants like Zahav, Farmicia and 10 Arts by Eric Ripert.

Click here for a full list of participating restaurants and preview their menus for Center City Restaurant Week.

Visit to make reservations online.

Discounted Parking

Many parking lots near participating restaurants offer discounts. Visit Center City District for a full list.

Center City Cooks

The Center City District is collecting favorite recipes from participating Restaurant Week chefs. Download the full cookbook or browse through seasonal recipes and cooking tips from Opa, Barbuzzo, Le Bec-Fin and others at

center citydiningeventsfoodrestaurant weekrestaurants


Women’s Wellness Day at Lionville YMCA

Sunday, September 23, 2012 -11AM to 2:30PM

WHERE: Lionville Community YMCA,
100 Devon Drive, Exton PA 19341
(Chester County Pennsylvania.)

DESCRIPTION: Women’s Wellness Day will promote health, wellness and fun, for all women. it is open to the public with no admission charge. There will be a little of everything of interest to women : all kinds of vendors, free health screening, free mini exercise classes, speakers, door prizes, free food and drink, and loads of free health and nutrition information. Come dressed to exercise, shop, and don’t forget to let yourself get pampered with a free service (mini manicure, chair massage, hair and makeup consultaion etc. )

The table fees and door prize money will all go to a YMCA charity called: “Changing Lives.” We wish to thank those who have already offered to sponsor our event: Red Robin, Winner’s Circle, Balance Hair Salon, About Feet Podiatry, Bucca Di Beppo, and the Uwchlan Women’s Club.

CONTACT: Jean Carl at 610-363-9191 or “jeancarlyoga @”


 Organic Apple Festival

Saturday, September 22, 2012 (4th annual) – 10AM to 5PM

WHERE: Rodale Institute’s Organic Farm,
611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown PA 19530
(Berks County Pennsylvania.)

DESCRIPTION: Bring the whole family to pick apples from our orchards, enjoy lots of delicious organic treats, dance to great music and have a fun day on our organic farm! Experts will be on hand to answer your questions about growing fruit trees organically.

In addition, take a ride on our tractor-drawn wagons and check out our organic farm! Highlights include gorgeous demonstration gardens, natural agriculture gardens, the Farming Systems Trial, massive compost piles and perhaps even a peek at the organic dairy cows grazing on our pastures! Fall is the season for picking apples! Rodale Institute is proud to offer the option for families to pick their own apples in one of the few organic orchards in the surrounding area! Our farm boasts many varieties, including some that are not commercially available!

For Apple Festival, we expect to have some Liberty and Empire apples available, in addition to a few unnamed varieties. All are good for eating fresh and for baking (be sure to check out our organic pastry flour, available at the event!)

Parking and Festival are right on the farm. Admission to the festival is free. There is a charge for parking.

CONTACT: Heather Gurk at “heather.gurk @” or 610-683-6009



Enjoy your weekend! And if you have an upcoming event you’d like us to list in our Friday blog entries, leave us a message and let us know about it. You could see your event in an upcoming edition of the Bradway Blog!

Welcome Guest Blogger – Rick Backus

This week we are excited to welcome Guest Blogger Rick Backus to the Bradway Blog. Rick offers consulting services that empower business by employing technology.

Having the right tool makes all the difference

Realizing that many of you (myself included until recently) may not know what this is, I offer an explanation by way of this anecdote.

In our professional lives we all have responsibilities that for a variety of reasons we either perform poorly or perhaps not at all.  An argument can be made that not having the right tools or process can contribute to our shortfalls.  My agreement with that philosophy was further enforced recently after a visit to my dentist.

My usual hygienist was not available and her replacement as usual scolded me for not flossing.  Intellectually I recognize the value but my distaste for the task supersedes that.  Rather than simply giving me more dental floss at the end of my visit, the hygienist offered me what you see pictured above.  Process automation technology is a large part of my business so I was driven to I try out this new device.  That evening I had an epiphany, flossing was much less of a chore with this new tool in-hand.

I trust you all see where this is going.  In our professional lives we all have tasks we continually procrastinate.  If you are a manager make sure you are providing your people with all the tools they need to accomplish their goals.  If you are an employee, step back for a minute and see what tools you could use to help fulfill your responsibilities and develop a convincing business case for employing them.  There is almost always a more effective and efficient way of doing things, many times right out in the open.  Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction to find the best tool for the job.


Rick Backus is the owner of Cybercon Services, LLC, a business technology consultancy integrating application, content and mobile management with business process automation and network infrastructure. Utilizing a broad array of tools and services developed over 25 years of IT consulting and business technology industry experience Cybercon Services enables increased productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage for our clients by helping them “Employ Technology to Empower Business”.

Please visit for additional information.

Super Tuesday~Business Ideas

Hi Fellow Go-Getter!!

Thanks to your participation the votes from last week’s poll are in!

According to all that participated in this poll: “What business advertising works best for your business?”, word of mouth/networking was the unanimous answer by 90%. That is great to hear as I am a huge proponent of networking (which I’m sure I have mentioned once or twice…haha) when done effectively!

Let’s not waste any more time. Here’s this week’s poll. Vote away!!

Have a great Tuesday! See you tomorrow…

Motivational Monday- Welcoming Monday with a Boost of Confidence

We are tremendously powerful and can change lives each and every day by simply having a positive attitude, performing random acts of kindness or handing out a smile. Instead of trying to change the world on a large scale, I think it is wise to start right here on a day-to-day basis.

So what about you?

Are you in a moment of basking in the sun or is your current situation similar to being shattered on the rocks? Whatever your current situation may be, here are 10 tips on building confidence, which will help prepare you for the coming storms in the entrepreneurial journey.


10 Tips for Building Confidence

1. Do something every week that challenges your talents.

Maybe it’s a shorter deadline to get a project done, or going after a larger client. The point is to keep stretching your abilities.

2. Join Toastmasters.

The ability to speak in public is one of the most beneficial skills anyone can learn and is a huge confidence builder.

3. Accept the fact that life is short.

No matter what happens past this life, one this is for sure – our time here is short. So don’t play it too safe.

3. Realize that failure does not = you being a loser.

Innovation is built on countless failures.

4. Don’t neglect your health.

A strong body also helps make a stronger mind. This is why I recommend a challenging workout program at least 3 times a week. It’s a tangible way to keep pushing yourself

5. Find creative ways to compete against yourself.

6. Don’t allow praise to give you a false sense of security.

7. Remember to keep challenging yourself.

The goal is not make life easy, but to keep growing.

8. Read autobiographies.

Every person who’s made it has encountered countless obstacles and trials.

9. Set small goals to help build confidence with small wins.

This is how I’d encourage anyone lacking confidence to begin.

10. Remind yourself of your past successes – we all have them.

We have no idea where our circumstances or trials may take us five years from today, but as Winston Churchill once said, “as long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win – victory shall not be denied us.”

T.G.I.F. ~ Some of the going out favorites for the weekend:

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza

Thursday through Sunday, September 13 – 16, 2012

WHERE: The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks,
100 Station Avenue, Oaks PA 19456. (Montgomery County Pennsylvania.) The Philly Expo Center is located just off the Oaks Exit of Route 422
20 minutes from Center City and just five minutes from King of Prussia.

DESCRIPTION: The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza offers more than 600 quilts and garments presented in gallery style plus more than 200 vendor booths offering everything from completed quilts and garments to all the supplies and equipment used in making them. This event also includes workshops and lectures, special exhibitions, appraisals and more. See website for details and exhibitor information.

CONTACT: Mancuso Show Management, 215-862-5828.



 Hard to the Core 5K Orchard Mud Run

Saturday, September 15, 2012 – 7AM to 11AM
Registration opens at 7:30AM
Race Starts at 8:30AM, Walk at 8:35AM

WHERE: Weaver’s Orchard,
40 Fruit Lane, Morgantown PA 19543
(Berks County Pennsylvania.)

DESCRIPTION: The course begins near the top of the orchard. First portion downhill through apple trees, a vineyard, and raspberry vines. Be ready for mud-holes, apple pits, and hay-bales! Weave through apple trees, cross a creek, and into the woods you go! Run over the rocky logging trail and under shade trees uphill for the last leg of the course. Ends at pond with live rock band and awards ceremony!

Post-race apple pancake breakfast with sausage, coffee, orange juice and apple cider.

Each 5K participant gets a T-shirt, water, and apple-pancake breakfast after race. Accurately wheel measured and timed by Athlete’s Closet Running Store. Inaugural year – come set a course record!

Water stations on the course. Ample parking and indoor restrooms.

Walkers invited! Moms, dads and kids all welcome!

Race benefits local cancer patients!

CONTACT: Becca Murphy at 484-947-4733 or “bmurphy @”

To Register online go to our Website.



Chester County Restaurant Festival

Sunday, September 16, 2012 (33rd annual) – Noon to 5:30PM
Rain Date: Sunday, September 23, 2012

WHERE: Downtown West Chester PA
(Chester County Pennsylvania.) Restaurant booths will be on Gay Street between Matlack Street and Darlington Street. Artists, crafters and vendors will be on High Street from Market Street to Chestnut Street.

DESCRIPTION: Annual Chester County Restaurant Festival presented by West Chester Recreation with more than 50 restaurants participating, plus more than 100 arts and crafts vendors and information booths, 3 stage areas for live music, and more.

Over 20,000 people attend this event.




Enjoy your weekend!  And if you have an upcoming event you’d like us to list in our Friday blog entries, leave us a message and let us know about it.  You could see your event in an upcoming edition of the Bradway Blog!

Welcome Guest Blogger – Jordan Schneider

This week we are excited to welcome Guest Blogger, Insurance and Financial Advisor Jordan Schneider to the Bradway Blog. Jordan helps families implement a plan to protect their families.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. During this very important and exciting month, individuals and families are urged to review their existing Life Insurance coverage with their agent or perhaps begin the conversation about purchasing their first life insurance policy. The Life Foundation ( is a non-profit organization that champions the awareness month effort. It is an industry wide event that is very important, especially given today’s uncertain economic times. This year, Buddy “Cake Boss” Valastro is LIAM’s spokesman.

His story can be seen here: (alternate: As an insurance agent and financial professional, Jordan Schneider focuses on making sure families understand their financial situation, are educated about their Life Insurance options, and most importantly implement a plan to protect their families. Jordan can be reached at or at 215-874-7027.


 Jordan Schneider, MBA is an insurance and financial services professional with New York Life. He works with families, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and executives and helps them with all different aspects of their personal insurance and financial planning needs. Jordan is a Drexel University alumni and lives in Philadelphia, while servicing clients all over the Delaware Valley.

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