Does Your Copy Support Your Message?

Whether you are advertising in print (magazine, newspaper, billboard), on the air (radio, TV), or online, good copy is a key element to a successful ad campaign that not only interests but entices your audience. Presuming the art direction is great, make sure your copy sells your brand, product, or service in a way that is relevant to your business.
For example, a high-end jewelry store’s advertising should have a headline and body copy that conveys a sense of elegance and luxury. If you own a casual restaurant or sports bar, you’ll want to convey how much fun it is to eat or hang out there.
Here are some tips for crafting copy that supports your message and sells your goods:
The scattershot approach doesn’t work, so focus. You can’t be all things to all people, and you really can’t do that well in one ad. If you offer several different services or sell various types of merchandise, try focusing on one aspect per ad insertion, radio/TV spot, or online ad rotation to avoid cramming in too many competing points all at once.
Be clever but clear. We’ve all seen commercials we thought were clever and entertaining . . . and could not remember the product it was selling. Don’t fall prey to the same mistake. In print, don’t let your super-clever headline cloud your message. Clever catches attention but must still lure in customers.
KISS — Keep it simple (silly). Explain your sales message as succinctly as possible.
With a print ad or website copy, use your headline and graphics to catch readers’ attention, and try to avoid overly long or technical copy that will have them turning the page.
In radio, “the theatre of the mind,” paint a clear picture through the spoken word.
Television spots should entertain, engage, or inform to avoid becoming a casualty of the DVR’s fast-forward button.
A compelling digital ad will have readers click through to your website or promotional landing page for more information.
Consider a coupon. Discounts and special offer are not for all advertisers but every consumer loves a bargain. If it is appropriate, consider including a special offer or coupon in your newspaper ad or promote an offer through a mobile ad campaign. Offers work across all platforms—print coupons, text-to-save offers, “call now.”
Target your advertising to your audience. All media offer opportunities to align your advertising buy with your specific audience—by channel, program, newspaper section, day part. Tailor your copy to the audience and the medium.
Wherever your ads appear, make sure that they leave a positive impression on viewers, readers, and listeners with clean, crisp copy that gets to the point in a compelling way.

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