How do they talk about you?

This month we are going to talk about the importance of understanding your competitors.  To develop a good strategy for your marketing, it is important to be able to very clearly articulate your remarkable difference, your WOW.  You can’t do this until you really get what your competition offers, how they talk about themselves and how they talk about you. I suggest that you look at your top 5 competitors.  No one is the only game in town.  Look back at lost sales, who did you lose to.  Take a look at them even if you don’t think you are in competition with them, your ideal client did.

So, let’s break this down.

What do they offer? – The very best way to get this information is to go to their website and look at products and services.  Do they sell the same thing but package it differently?  Do they sell exactly the same thing?  Another way to get this information is to ask your prospect if you can see the other proposals that they are getting for your products and services.

How do they talk about themselves? – Again, the best way to figure this out is their website.  Look at what they say that makes them different.  What do they say are their strengths?  Look at their testimonials, what are their customers saying makes them great.

How do they talk about you? – Here’s a good place to use social media.  Use Google Alerts.  This is a free tool provided by Google that you can set up to inform you whenever a phrase, business name, persons name is mentioned on the internet.  Using twitter, you can find out what anyone is saying about youcompetition1 or your company.  If your competition is pigeon-holing you, you will need to push out positive marketing proving that what they are saying isn’t true.

Why should you spend any time on this?  Well,  one of the most interesting things that you will discover is that you all sound the same.  How can a potential customer make a choice of who to contact if you all have great service (does anyone say the have bad customer service), are the most knowledgeable in your industry (how can you prove that), or have been in business the longest (you may have only been working with 3 customers the whole time).

I did this with a client once and we thought that we looked at all of his competitors.  He was actually changing his business name and his value proposition.  We spent two months coming up with what we thought was truly unique, and changed his name.  Only then did an unknown competitor surface and we had to go back and do the work all over again!

If you have spent the time to interview your clients and worked on your value proposition, now you have to make sure that it is really a unique difference.  If what you have worked on is not, go back to the drawing board armed with the surveys and the competitive information and create something truly unique. If it is, run with it all over your home page and any marketing tactics you are currently doing or want to do.

As always if you need help, contact me , Laura Lorenz, at or pick up the phone and call at 484-313-4646.

Marketing Evangelist

Marketing Evangelist


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I am the founder and principal partner of Bradway Partners, a Philadelphia-area business development firm. As principal partner, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, seeking new clients, and maintaining relationships with existing clients. I am equipped with over ten years of experience in the sales and marketing industry. Prior to founding Bradway Partners, I worked with leading companies in the medical and retail field. For nearly a decade, I have been helping companies grow their businesses, achieving considerable success even as the economy tumbled. During my time with various companies, I noticed a trend: Slow business wasn’t always necessarily a result of the economy but was often due to insufficient business development. Recognizing an opportunity, I decided to open my own business development firm. As founder and principal partner of Bradway Partners, I work with a wide range of clients to generate sales leads, design marketing plans, and conduct recruiting seminars. By outsourcing these tasks to Bradway Partners, companies are able to focus on their core business and client base. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Phoenix, and work tirelessly to stay current with the latest marketing trends and strategies, including social media platforms. My passion and drive has helped Bradway Partners achieve success in a short period of time, and I expect the firm to grow even further as more companies recognize the value of outsourcing business development

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