Twenty Great Reasons to Write and Publish a News Release

By: Caryn Starr-Gates
Caryn Starr-Gates



It’s not easy to step back and gain some outsider perspective on our businesses, and this includes determining what really is newsworthy enough to issue a press release as discussed in a previous post. However, there are many great reasons that pop up throughout the year to communicate with the press, whether print, broadcast, or digital journalists.

A press release (or news release as some prefer) can be about a lot of matters related to your company or practice; the key is that they should resonate with prospective readers, viewers, or listeners.

Aside from announcing a new product or service you offer that has real merit to your audience, here are twenty reasons to put out a news release about your company that are about your business or industry/field, community service, and feel-good announcements:

1  Results or findings of a new study or research in your industry or field.
2.  Useful tips related to your product or service (without being overtly self-promotional).
3.  Forecasts about your industry or upcoming changes in your field that will affect consumers.
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4.  Comments on current events or trends that relate to your industry
5. An offer of a free downloadable white paper or e-book that benefits your audience; people love free information.
6. Announcing your new company website or significant upgrades to your existing website–and how they help your customers.
7. Announce a re-organization or a renaming of your business.
8. Somewhat related, announcing the rebranding of your business. This could be a renaming and corresponding marketing overhaul, or a periodic rebranding to refresh and renew how customers see you.
9. You landed a big-name client or inked a big deal (make sure this is OK with the client to announce publicly).
10. Presenting at an industry conference, exhibiting at a trade show, or sponsoring a program.
11. Reputation management/crisis communications – sometimes stuff happens that results in negative press about your company, product, or service, and you have to respond to it. Putting out a press release to manage your reputation with your public is one of those “where the rubber meets the road” situations in public relations.
12. Making an appearance on a talk show or participating in an expert panel, from internet radio to television interviews to business interviews in the newspaper. All good.


13. Major financial or structural changes in your company– merger or acquisition, going public, expanding overseas.
14.  Involvement with charity work; community service earns press and positive relations with the public.
15. Someone received an award — this can be an employee, manager, owner, or the company. Share the good news!
16. Adding new employees or opening a new office/location.
17. Saying goodbye to long-term employees who are retiring — nice reason to craft a feature release.
18. Your office is hosting a special event or educational webinar or seminar.
19. Community events your company is sponsoring, from high school fundraisers to Little League teams to social action endeavors.
20. Marking a milestone anniversary for your business (great way to include a retrospective of important business accomplishments or contributions over the years).

What are some of the reasons why your business has issued a press release? Feel free to share them with us.


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